Zeller, Larkin impress with athleticism

Updated: May 18, 2013, 2:23 PM ET
By Chad Ford

Although the height and weight measurements from the NBA combine are interesting and relevant, NBA GMs and scouts also spend a lot of time dissecting the results of the NBA athletic testing.

Everyone takes these with a grain of salt. Every year, the prospect labeled the "best athlete in the draft" does not turn into the best player in the draft. However, teams do take these reports seriously. This is the first objective testing we have on these guys, and sometimes our eyes do deceive us.

What are the drills?

Players are asked to bench-press 185 pounds as many times as they can, test their vertical jump two ways (no step and maximum), and run several drills to measure speed and lateral quickness.

A whopping 10 players recorded a maximum vertical jump of 40 inches or higher.

Miami's Shane Larkin had the highest maximum vertical jump of anyone in the draft. His 44-inch vertical was the second-highest ever recorded at the camp (Kansas' Kenny Gregory did a 45.5-inch vertical in 2001).