Potential issues for selection committee

Updated: July 1, 2013, 1:43 PM ET
By Ryan McGee

So the College Football Playoff has a name (as generic as it may be). It has bowls and sites lined up to host games (even the Yankees want in). It even has a 12-year television deal in place (yeah, it's with us).

But what it still doesn't have is a selection committee. Or even a template for a selection committee, at least not one that we know of. At last month's College Football Playoff meetings, whenever the attending commissioners were asked about the makeup of the room that will determine which four teams will have a shot at the title, they jointly pointed toward executive director Bill Hancock. They'd just handed him a list of 100-plus prospective committee members and told him to start making calls to gauge interest.

"We give him the names and he'll do the contacting," said Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany. "We're going to get great football people with a lot of experience and credibility. We'll get that at the core."

As Hancock jumped on the phone, so did I, curious to get the take of those whose lives will be most affected by the names that will end up on the final roster of the playoff selection committee. What are their concerns? Who do they want to see walking out of the room each fall with the final list of four? Many wanted to talk, but few on the record. That's easy to understand.

"Who knows?" one former athletic director told me. "I might be on Bill's call list."

There were several concerns that came up repeatedly, no matter who I chatted with. These are their biggest issues, four in honor of the four playoff teams the committee will be selecting.