Career year ahead for Seguin, Eriksson?

Updated: September 30, 2013, 5:52 PM ET
By Craig Custance

Tyler Seguin paid pretty close attention to the proceedings at the draft in New Jersey, because he suspected something might happen then; typically that's the time to pull off a big deal. If teams are making a big offseason trade, the draft is fertile ground for it to happen, since that allows the trading general manager to get a first-round pick back in the deal that would help, like Pittsburgh did in trading Jordan Staal or Vancouver did in trading Cory Schneider.

But the Fourth of July? Seguin's guard was definitely down that day.

"I thought it was the holidays, you couldn't get traded," Seguin joked. He was at the ocean with 20 or so friends and his dog. He wasn't near his phone, which was collecting text messages in furious fashion, with more than 100 waiting for him by the time he was done in the water. Even then, he had to wait for details as his future changed by the moment because he wasn't getting a strong cell reception. This much he was figuring out: He wasn't going to need the house he just bought in Boston.

He drove 20 minutes until he had a consistent enough signal to call his agent and get the news. In a summer that featured big trades, this one was the biggest: a seven-player deal that sent Dallas Stars winger Loui Eriksson to the Boston Bruins in return for Seguin. The hopes of the two teams' seasons that open this week depend in large part on the big piece each franchise got back.

But what makes this trade most interesting is that these two players could actually be better fits on their new teams. And both may be headed for career seasons right now.