Projecting the Field

OK, OK, it is time to get out the chalkboard and help out the NCAA selection committee. Those members have a tough job, and I want to give them an early list, baby! I sat down and figured out the 65 teams that I believe will be dancing come March Madness. It is not an easy task as expectations, expectations, expectations can weigh heavy on a team. Injuries can take their toll. Plus you know there will be a handful of upsets in the conference tournaments.

I went on a limb in a lot of cases. Save this and compare it to the real thing come March. I hope it is awesome with a capital A! If not, it was fun trying to figure it out.

Here is a look at Dickie V's preseason projection for the 2009 field of 65 at the big dance:

On the fringe: Providence, Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Mississippi, Auburn, Washington State, San Diego.