A home run hire for Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has hit a home run!

That's right, out of the park, baby! The hiring of John Calipari is a grand slam. The big blue fans have to be ecstatic as the new coach is the perfect fit. He loves dealing with the fans and the media, he is enthusiastic and an outstanding recruiter. I really believe he will have the Wildcats contending for the national title within 2-3 years.

Rupp Arena is an ideal place for Calipari to work his magic. The University of Kentucky has great resources and outstanding facilities. Calipari will also bring along members of his staff from Memphis, plus some of his recruits and even several current players may follow to Lexington.

Kentucky saw its streak of 17 straight years of making the NCAA tournament end this season. With Calipari running the show, the Wildcats will turn things around quickly. He is a hard worker with great knowledge of Xs and Os.

Those who wonder if he will embrace the community, that's an easy call. Calipari will love the environment in Lexington. The fans are as passionate as any in college basketball. The job of head coach there is as important as any position in the state.

Yes, there will be great expectations. Calipari has gotten the job done at Massachusetts and at Memphis. Now he will face a challenge at a schools with one of the greatest traditions in the sport. When you talk about perrenial powerhouses in college basketball, schools like UCLA, North Carolina, Duke, Indiana and Kentucky rise up.

Big blue fans should be smiling. Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart and school president Lee Todd have hit a grand slam, baby!