This and that

Each week I talk about the world of sports:

• Without Peyton Manning, I believe the Colts would be lucky to be an 8-8 team! That spells MVP to me! I know there are those saying Drew Brees or Brett Favre deserve it over Manning. But just look at what he did in Jacksonville: over 300 passing yards and four touchdowns, including the winning strike to Reggie Wayne in the fourth quarter. Manning is a winner and a class act. The Jaguars ran the football well, trying to keep the ball out of Manning's hands. The Colts simply find ways to win and it all starts with No. 18, baby!

• During the UNC-Texas game I told my buddy Dan Shulman that the Cowboys would get to the Saints -- I guess I got lucky! Give Wade Phillips' team credit as that so-called 'December swoon' disappeared. Tony Romo hit Miles Austin on several key plays and Dallas got a big win to help its playoff chances.

• The Boston Red Sox got active, agreeing to deals with pitcher John Lackey and veteran outfielder Mike Cameron. These moves will give them a boost! The rotation is going to challenge the Yankees as Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Lackey are a formidable trio. The busiest team lately has been the Mariners and the addition of Cliff Lee is a good one. Wow, having 'King Felix' Hernandez and Lee as a 1-2 punch at the top of the rotation is awesome with a capital A!

• Deron Williams, the ex-Illini star, is fantastic for Utah! If you were starting a team and wanted a point guard, who would you take right now-- Williams or Chris Paul? Both of them could play on my team, baby!

• It was so sad watching the news about the passing of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry. Our prayers are with his family.

• My gut feeling is that the Yankees will miss Johnny Damon next season. With the signing of Nick Johnson as a potential DH, the word on the street is that Damon is done as a Yankee. He was an important member of the championship team, but it appears the Bronx Bombers spent money in other places, leaving Damon out there as a coveted free agent.

• The MAC is a great place to find a coach in hoops or in football. Cincinnati found Butch Jones of Central Michigan just like they did before when they hired Brian Kelly! The league has produced a number of coaches that moved on to greener pastures.

• Watching future North Carolina star Harrison Barnes on ESPN, all I can say is, "WOW!" Hall of Famer Roy Williams has a future star in this Findlay Prep forward.

• I want to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!