This and that

Each week I talk about the world of sports:

• What a blow for the New Jersey Nets. The draft lottery did not work out for new owner Mikhail Prokhorov as his team ended up with the third overall selection. I guess that ends the rumors of LeBron James and John Wall teaming up. Quite frankly, I've heard enough rumors of LeBron, Wall and John Calipari joining together. Forget about it: Calipari will be at Kentucky this upcoming season. But with the dollars that Prokhorov was willing to spend, the idea of LeBron and Wall together wasn't so far fetched.

• Now the speculation will be on the third pick. I figure the top two will be Wall to the Washington Wizards and Evan Turner at number two going to Doug Collins and the Sixers. Wall will be a dominant factor for many years with his athleticism and quickness. Turner's versatility will make him an impact player. But will the Nets go for potential, potential, potential? A lot of people have Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech projected at number three. If I was working for the Nets, I would go with DeMarcus Cousins of Kentucky.

• A few weeks ago, Jamie Moyer became the oldest player in baseball history to throw a complete game shutout. Over the weekend, Tim Wakefield got a big win over the Phillies and Roy Halladay. My friends, veteran pitchers are capable of great things. Don't worry about their age, the experience and ability to pitch stands out.

• A sleeper team to watch next year will come from Butler's conference. Keep an eye on Detroit-Mercy. Yes, I used to coach there! The son of the current coach -- Ray McCallum Jr. -- will be a star!

• Mark down the date -- May 20, 2011. That is the next Dickie V. gala down at Sarasota, Florida. We will honor Roy Williams, Calipari, and give a special tribute to Nick Bollettieri! This year's gala was so special, full with stars such as Tony Dungy, Tom Izzo, Magic Johnson, Kenny Chesney, Calipari, Tommy Lasorda, etc. Also present were inspirational speakers Jake Olson and Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich! Wow, what a time.