The Big East hits a home run

The Big East hit a home run by adding TCU to the conference. It is a major addition for college football as the Horned Frogs have been among the elite programs in recent years. Gary Patterson has done a super job coaching this team into national prominence. This is a great move for the league as it adds positive visibility.

Let's face it, the Big East has taken some shots for its football this season. Right now, Connecticut is in the driver's seat for the automatic BCS bid. The Huskies need a win at South Florida and they are in; pretty good for Randy Edsall's team considering a slow start.

This is a win for TCU as well. Now they don't have to worry about the BCS when it starts in the Big East in 2012-13. The Dallas area can be special in the world of recruiting. This is a stroke of luck and maybe they can play a game or two at Jerry Jones Stadium.

Right now TCU has to be perfect to make it to a BCS bowl. Week in and week out, the program has to deal with questions about earning a BCS bowl bid. In the Big East, the Horned Frogs can lose a game or two and still compete for an automatic berth.

Geographically, does this really make any sense? What about missed class time as the travel requirements will change. So many different sports will be affected by this move and it will not be easy. I know that some will say being in the Mountain West was already difficult.

Of course, the big factor in this decision is a big pile of green, George Washingtons, baby! It is all about dollars and cents, baby!

For the Big East, there will be 17 schools competing in college basketball and that will lead to headaches with scheduling. How will the league run its postseason tournament, which currently has all 16 teams competing?

Let's face it, in the world of football this is a positive for both the Big East and TCU.