This and that

Each week I will write about the world of sports:

• Prior to the win over the Cavaliers, watching the Heat was like going to a concert. The team had three rock stars but they were not cohesive. They were totally out of sync defensively! Then on Saturday, the trio scored 75 of the team's 89 points in a win over Atlanta. Will we be seeing this threesome dominate the rest of the season?

• I am looking forward to Oregon vs. Auburn for the National title -- it should be a classic! Cam Newton was unreal vs. South Carolina as he is now a Heisman lock! That said, something tells me that the Newton soap opera is not concluded; stay tuned to As the World of Cam keeps spinning ... we will see what happens! The NCAA has created a nightmare over the soap opera because athletes will cry that they didn't know anything. Meanwhile several conference commissioners came out questioning the NCAA's decision.

• Based on reported facts that Newton is eligible, the NCAA should reconsider the Enes Kanter situation at Kentucky. His Dad turned down big dollars from Turkey plus Enes was 16! I understand Kentucky is refiling its case.

• The way agent Gary Wichard operated, the NFL should have been really tough and sent a message to those that operate in sleazy fashion! I am not sure a nine-month suspension is enough.

• It is hard to believe that the Peyton Manning-led Indianapolis Colts are 6-6 and not in first place in their division. The Colts are going to have to scrap and claw just to make the playoffs. The injuries are catching up with this team.

• Looking at the list of college postseason games, there are simply too many. I really believe taking a team at 6-6 is wrong. Finishing at .500 should not be sufficient for a postseason invite. My friends, in too many cases we are rewarding mediocrity. It is all about dollars and not about sense.

• The Bucs suffered a tough loss at home to the Falcons. Raheem Morris should be proud of his hard-working team. Is this Atlanta team the best in the NFC? I think the playoffs are going to be wide open.