Apology, suspension right moves

Saturday night's incident in which Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart shoved a Texas Tech fan was a difficult situation.

Smart was wrong for reacting like he did no matter what the fan said. It is pretty clear that Smart was frustrated and the fan probably said something negative to prompt that reaction.

Oklahoma State has been under the pressure of high expectations and near the end of a game that marked a fourth consecutive loss, Smart went after the fan and clearly shoved him. The situation could have escalated even further, with the potential of an ugly mess out there.

Fortunately, it did not get worse.

I believe the Big 12 Conference made the right decision in suspending Smart for three games. And Smart did the right thing by stepping up and apologizing for his actions. Hopefully he will learn from this situation.

As for the Red Raiders fan involved, I was told by several people via Twitter that he does not cheer with class. I was told he has had issues in the past, and that he loves to get on players. There's a clip on YouTube of what appears to be the same fan crossing the line at a Texas Tech-Texas A&M game.

That's not being a fan. That's being classless.

The bottom line is, no matter what that so-called fan said, Smart should not have used his hands to shove that individual. As a player, you have to ignore what is said by people in the stands. They often try to get under your skin and affect your performance. They are rooting for the home team and often cross the line with negative comments.