Meeting the challenge

Faced with the first crisis of his tenure, NBA commissioner Adam Silver acted decisively. Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Hooray for Adam Silver. What a great way for the new NBA commissioner to make a splash.

When Silver announced Tuesday that he was banning Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life and pledging to do everything in his power to get Sterling to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, Silver said what players and fans were hoping to hear.

The ruling means there is no way that Sterling will have any involvement in NBA activities. No practice sessions, no visits to the office, no handling of day-to-day activities.

The decision was awesome, baby, with a capital A!

Think about what Sterling did. He humiliated and embarrassed everyone associated with the NBA. He brought disgrace with his horrendous racist comments, and now he has paid the price.

If Sterling wants to do the right thing, he will sell the team as soon as possible. There is no way he should have ownership of that franchise. He put a black cloud over the sports world and race relations, and it is truly sad.

The 29 other NBA owners will vote to determine if Sterling can retain ownership. Let me ask a simple question: What owner, in his right mind, would vote against removing Sterling? Who would want him to have the right to be an owner in the NBA at this point?

How would an owner who voted in favor of Sterling staying be able to look at his players, coaches or fan base? There is no doubt in my mind that the vote will be unanimous.

My hope is that Magic Johnson finds a way to buy the Clippers. Everything he touches turns to gold. Magic would be able to step in right away. His smile alone would be so positive to the league, as well as his experience as a player and a businessman.

Also, Doc Rivers deserves a tribute and salute for a job well done handling this situation. The psychology of his coaching was brilliant, from the night he found out about the Sterling recording to getting his team to perform at a high level and beat Golden State in Game 5. He made a great move after Game 4, calling off practice to allow his players to clear their heads.

The Clippers players responded in a positive way on the court in Game 5. Greats from the past also responded positively to the commissioner's ruling off the court.

Silver's stock has gone way up. Now I am hoping he will close the deal and make sure Sterling is out of the picture. There is no place for Sterling in pro sports.