Tennesse, Miami likely out

Entering Saturday, Tennessee and Miami-Florida may have seen their bubbles burst.

The VBDI (Vitale Bald Dome Index) is working overtime this weekend, baby!

Breaking down the field of 68 is not easy. There is a lot of speculation. Wacky things are happening in the A-10. There are potential bid stealers still alive. It is March Madness!

Did NC State do enough to get in now, or will it come down to another win?

I have tried to sort things out, by conference.

According to the VBDI, I can make believe it is election night and put up a map. I project 59 in, with a battle for nine spots (as of Saturday morning).

For the last nine slots, I have Xavier, Drexel, Southern Mississippi, Colorado State, Mississippi State, California and BYU likely in. That leaves two slots up for grabs between the likes of Washington, NC State, Seton Hall, etc. The Arizona-Colorado winner gets the Pac-12 automatic, so if there is an upset in a power-conference tournament, watch out.

This is based on what I believe the committee will do. Personally, I would reward more of the mid-majors like Iona for great play during the regular season.

We will find out on Sunday how this all plays out. The committee may see things a little differently, like with VCU last season.