Early Preseason Top 40 for 2012-13

Updated: April 23, 2012, 4:01 PM ET
By Dick Vitale |

With many of the decisions made by players, some going to the draft, others transferring, I tried to put down an early look at next season's top 40. There will be a number of quality teams out there, plus this can serve as fodder for college hoop junkies while we wait months until next season begins.

I know it is early, and my final preseason top 40 in late October or early November will likely have changes due to injuries, ineligible players, etc.

Here we go, my late-April version of the 2012-13 top 40.

I am sure there are other teams that believe they belong on this list. This is just an early look as we have a while until the season tips off again. I cannot wait for it all to start again, baby! I know we just went through March Madness, and hopefully this will give fans a fix for a while.

Dick Vitale

College Basketball analyst
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