Notre Dame to ACC is good move

I feel that Notre Dame made a great decision to move to the ACC in all sports except football.

This move will give the Irish long-term stability and ensure great rivalries against the likes of North Carolina and Duke.

The school is near and dear to my heart. My two daughters (Sherri and Terri) and my sons-in-law (Chris Sforzo and Thomas Krug) attended the South Bend school, and Notre Dame gave me an honorary degree.

I was not surprised by this. On Saturday, I had heard about the possibility and put out the following tweet:

I did not think this would happen as quickly as it did.

This move means the Fighting Irish football program will play five ACC schools each season, meaning some of the colleges that filled in its schedule will be gone. Still, the Irish likely won't have to give up games against Michigan, USC, etc. Notre Dame was already playing the likes of Boston College, Wake Forest and Miami.

Notre Dame has a few more years with its NBC contract, so I don't see football changing its philosophy at the moment.

I see Notre Dame enjoying relationships in the ACC in the non-revenue-producing sports. The idea of Notre Dame and North Carolina meeting in women's soccer, for example, is enticing.

The news of Notre Dame leaving the Big East is another blow for the conference. Let's be honest, it is tough to remember which teams are in the league right now with all of the changes. Should it even be called the Big East anymore? Boise State in the Big East?

The bottom line is, the league hired a very smart person in new commissioner Mike Aresco. He knows the college landscape and sports television, so if anyone can take care of the Big East, it is Aresco.

Right now, fans of the Big East have to be a bit disappointed. Losing West Virginia, Syracuse and Pittsburgh, followed by this news about Notre Dame, is disheartening.

For the Irish, it is an exciting move to go to the ACC. I am sure commissioner John Swofford is very happy with this news.