Almanac: 1986

Top five athletes
1. Larry Bird, Boston Celtics: 25.8 points, 9.8 rebounds, 7.6 assists, NBA MVP, Finals MVP.
2. Lawrence Taylor, New York Giants: NFL MVP had 20.5 sacks, led Giants to Super Bowl win.
3. Wayne Gretzky, Edmonton Oilers: NHL-record 215 points, 163 assists, 7th straight MVP.
4. Greg Lemond: First American to win Tour de France.
5. Roger Clemens, Boston Red Sox: 24-4, 2.48 ERA, AL MVP and Cy Young.

Top five teams
1. Chicago Bears (15-1). After 46-10 Super Bowl win, Da Bears lay claim to best NFL team ever.
2. New York Mets (108-54). Dominated regular season and then survived dramatic playoffs.
3. Boston Celtics (67-15). Best team of Bird era, but didn't face Lakers in Finals.
4. Penn State football (12-0). Upset No. 1 Miami in Fiesta Bowl to win it all.
5. Montreal Canadiens (86 points). A young goalie named Patrick Roy restores glory to Montreal.

Sports moves

  • NFL introduces instant replay

  • College basketball introduces 3-point shot

    Pop culture trivia
    Oscar winner: Platoon

    Most popular TV show: The Cosby Show

    Top of the Pops: That's What Friends Are For, Dionne & Friends

    Fiction bestseller: It, Stephen King

    Nonfiction bestseller: Fatherhood, Bill Cosby

    Pop culture potpourri: Oprah makes national debut; boxer shorts start their comeback; Cabbage Patch Kids introduced, set off national mania; Pictionary debuts.