NFL Standings, 1979-2003

It's an easy call for the NFL's best team over the past 25 years: the San Francisco 49ers have the most Super Bowl wins and top the charts in winning percentage by a large margin over the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos.

* Tennessee Titans were the Houston Oilers to 1996 and the Tennessee Oilers in 1997-98.
* St. Louis Rams moved from Los Angeles for the 1995 season.
* Baltimore Ravens moved from Cleveland in 1996, but the NFL considers the Ravens an expansion franchise.
* Cleveland Browns include Browns I (through 1995) and Browns II (since 1999).
* Jacksonville Jaguars and Carolina Panthers began play in 1995.
* Arizona Cardinals moved from St. Louis for the 1988 season.
* Houston Texans began play in 2002.