We spent 12 days in Siena, Italy. They really know how to milk Il Palio. That's a horse race. A horse race contested over dirt packed upon cobblestone in a town square that dates back to medieval times. Back then the horse race was really dangerous. These days the jockeys are merely allowed to ram their horses into each other when they aren't hitting each other with their whips. One other thing about jockeys: sometimes they take payoffs and don't try so hard for the district of Siena they are supposed to be representing. Don't judge. They've been doing it this way forever. It is life, it is luck. They seem to have it down. And they care a great deal for the result, even if it is luck. Many tears were shed for winning and for losing. We tried to stay impartial. But couldn't. Not when the people of the Unicorn district gave us free pasta and wine. And I don't even drink.

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