When I was in college my friends Darryl Bell and Scott Libo and I would play a game at Scott's house that was really stupid. So stupid no one should do this ever. Except for us. What we did is try to walk off a 10-foot high deck on a loose two-by-four board and see who could get out farthest on the board before falling off the deck. No one should try this. How could anyone try it anyway? Scott moved to a different house. In a related story, we flew to Nicaragua so we could climb and active volcano and then slide down it on a hunk of wood with linoleum undercoating. It wasn't the same piece of wood from Libo's house. That was a two by four. That was so stupid. Nicaragua made a lot of sense. Other people there hit each other with dried bull penises. We never did that at Libo's.

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