Righteous indignation

Reporting a dirty program can lead to trouble for the messenger.

Keeping college sports on straight, narrow
Some of college sports' most notable scandals came to light because of the whistleblowers conviction to right wrongs they discovered. But in the wake of their decision to speak up, they often endure a backlash from both their college employers and the college's fans.
  • Ohio State: Seeking shelter | Minnesota: Stressed
  • Tennessee: Moving on | Georgia: Finally, a reward
  • A coach's worst fear: Girlfriends turned informants

    The sexual de-evolution in sports
    Despite recent achievements of female athletes, the inbalance of sex and sports leans indelicately toward the exploitive. For every Annika Sorenstam or Katie Hinda who takes another giant stride in the women's athletic cause, there is a Vijay Singh or Gary Barnett to stand in the way of a level playing in sports.

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    The LPGA's Rosie Jones acknowledged she's a lesbian -- and says she's ready for the scrutiny that comes with it.
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    Vijay Singh didn't take the easy way out when he blamed his wife for pulling out of the Colonial. Or did he?
    Kreidler: No (wo)man's land
    Annika Sorenstam isn't trying to prove herself to anyone but to herself by playing the Colonial.
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    Politically incorrect
    Burning Tree Country Club is where our nation's Fore! fathers come to play golf without the bother of women.
    Ratto: Giving a rebel a cause
    Who better to help fight for Title IX than Laila Ali, who wouldn't have anyone to fight without it.
    Adelson: Can 'Dee' save the WNBA?
    Memo to the WNBA: You're getting the best marketing tool you could hope for in Diana Taurasi. Use her well.
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