Daémon and Tracy McGrady

When we signed up for the Make A Wish Foundation we had to let them know what Daémon's two biggest wishes were. His first was to meet Tracy McGrady and the second was to fly to California and go to Disney World.

It was funny because two months prior to meeting Tracy McGrady, Daémon wanted to change his wish. His wish granter said, "no, just hang on, it's coming soon." Sometimes the wish can take up to two or three years before it finally happens. Daémon's took less than year! It was so exciting and overwhelming that it came so fast. It was a blessing for us.

We went to McGrady's home and it was beautiful. His fiancé is such a sweet lady and even his bodyguard and chef treated us well. I could easily tell how sincere McGrady was and that he was a family guy. You don't see that in the media though, we just see what a great basketball player he is. He and my son played basketball, played video games and just joked around for over two hours!

Daémon has tumors in his body, which can cause a lot of stress and pain, but going to visit with McGrady made it all go away -- at least for that time. His illness was the last thing on his mind. To this day Daémon is still smiling. From the minute he walked on the airplane to go to Houston to the minute he got home, my son never stopped smiling at all. My photo albums are going to be filled with all the pictures I took of his smiling face.

The last thing I want to say is that it was our first time ever in an airplane and his first time leaving the state of Wisconsin. I just can't stress enough how grateful and blessed I am for my son to get that opportunity. We had an absolutely wonderful time, one that I'll never forget but more importantly a time that put a smile on my son's face.

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