Chris and Cole

Going into Cole's wish, I wasn't sure totally sure why he picked Chris Paul as his wish. I thought it would probably be a better idea for him to go to the NBA All-Star game and to meet all of the All-Stars instead of just one. But after meeting Chris and watching him interact with Cole, I know that he was right. Paul was simply amazing with my son!

Cole has admired Paul for as long as I can remember. More than anything he wanted an opportunity to meet with and play with him by himself without having to share him with others and after watching them together I completely understand why.

Even now, Cole is still extremely excited about the visit he had with him and with the way Chris treated him. For a young person to meet his hero and for his hero to treat him so well is a wonderful thing to see. Paul made it a point to talk as much as possible with my son and to make the day as fun and exciting as possible. Everyone could feel the warmth that Paul has for people and it showed in the way he greeted him like he was a friend from the beginning of the visit.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to him for being a great guy and a person who Cole can look up to. After meeting him I have no worries about who myself is trying to emulate on and off the basketball court. Thanks Chris for taking time out of your busy day to create a moment that we'll never forget!

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