Amy Caron

Skateboard Street

Age 21

BASE Long Beach Calif.

X Factor Fifth at 2004 X Games Debut of women's Skate Street

BOARD OF HER OWN "When you're little, you never think you'll have your own pro-model board. Only six or seven girls have ever had one, and that dates back to the Dogtown days. I joined Popwar in 2003, and in May 2005 I got my signature board, the Amy Caron Villa Villa Cola. Same as a guy's board, with my name on it. My friend, Lori D, designed the graphics around my 1967 Camaro. Now I go to the park and see people skating my board, usually guys. I like to watch without telling them who I am. The board is sold out, so the only place you can buy it is on eBay. Crazy."

Chad Kagy

BMX Freeestyle Vert, Very Best Trick, Big AAir

Age 27

Base State College, Pa.

X Factor in the past, Kagy has competed in all four BMX disciplines. He adds a fifth this summer: the new mega ramp big air event.

PIMPED MY RIDE "In 2001, I got my first signature bike from Hoffman Bikes. My neighbor Joey worked at an auto paint shop and offered to customize it for me for free. He took it for five days and brought it back with the craziest paint job. It's the most unique bike I've ever owned. The airbrush work alone is worth $3,000. I took it to the Roots Jam in Orlando that year. There were 74 pros competing in park, and I won. It was my first win as a pro. This bike means so much to me. I would throw out all of my bikes before I'd get rid of this one."

Bobby Martinez


Age 24

Base Santa Barbara, Calif.

X Factor The WCT's third-ranked rider was named to the West Team for his first X Games, but a scheduling conflict forced him out of the water.

MAGIC STICK "When I qualified for the pro surf tour this year for the first time, I filled out a questionnaire that asked which contest I most wanted to win. I said Teahupoo, in Tahiti. It's a gem. In May, just before I left for the event, I got a new board, a Channel Islands six-footer. I immediately tested it at my home break. A good board works right away-gives you confidence and this board was magic. I knew it could go anywhere and had a lot of life. I rode it in every heat of the contest, and it kept its spark. Winning Teahupoo in my first year was the best. Magic."

Mat Rebeaud

Freestyle Moto X

Age 23

Base Payerne, Switzerland

X Factor Won silver at the 2006 Winter X Games, his U.S. competition debut.

HAND-ME-DOWN RIDE "This 1951 DKW dirt bike has been in my family for three generations. My grandfather raced it in the 1950s then passed it down to my father. It's mine now, but it hasn't run in my lifetime. I keep it in our barn next to the bike I learned to do backflips on. I got my first bike when I was 4 and started racing at 10. My dad helped me so much, supporting me when I was injured and working on my bikes. I always had the perfect bike. Still do. When I started doing freestyle in 1999, he thought I was wasting my time. Now that he sees where it's taking me, he's just as supportive as when I was racing."

Tanner Foust

Rally car

Age 33

Base Capistrano Beach, Calif.

X Factor The sport makes its X debut this summer. Foust, the 2005 Rally America champ. spends spare time at drifting comps or doing stunt work in hollywood (the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift).

MY OTHER CAR IS A DRIFTER "Rally racing is my main sport, but I began drift racing about two years ago when the sport started getting big in the U.S. In rally, you're timed over a course. It's about discipline and endurance. In drifting, you're judged when you slide as close as you can to a concrete wall. It's about reaction and instinct. My drifting car is top of the line: a 2006 Nissan 350Z twin turbo with 500 hp and every performance gizmo, including special Tokico coil-over shocks and hydraulic hand brake. We strip down a $30,000 car and put about $80,000 into it. It's a tool that I mold around me, because that's the goal of drifting, to match the car to your driving style."