Globe's Borges suspended on plagiarism allegation

BOSTON -- The Boston Globe has suspended veteran sports
writer Ron Borges amid accusations he plagiarized part of a
football column from another reporter.

The Globe's editor, Martin Baron, said Monday in a story posted
on the newspaper's Web site that Borges had included in his
football notes column last Sunday material written by Mike Sando, a
reporter for The News Tribune of Tacoma, Wash.

"The Globe does not tolerate plagiarism," Baron said in a
statement. "Extensive passages written by the Tacoma reporter were
used verbatim in the column by Borges, and that is prohibited."

Borges, who writes about pro football and boxing for the Globe, was suspended without pay for two months and barred from
broadcast appearances for the same period, Baron said.

The Globe said Borges used without attribution material from a
notes exchange used by NFL writers. Globe sports editor Joe
Sullivan said Borges was not aware the material had been published
in the News Tribune on Feb. 25.

The allegations of plagiarism first arose on a Web site,

Borges declined comment to The Associated Press on Monday night.

Dan Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, said the
union was standing by Borges.

"Ron Borges is a talented veteran of The Boston Globe sports
pages whose work is of the highest caliber. Ron's work is widely
appreciated and respected within the sports journalism world. The
Boston Newspaper Guild stands with Ron and we will defend him and
see that justice prevails," Totten said.

Sando, reached by telephone by the AP, declined to comment and
referred questions to Dale Phelps, the News Tribune's deputy
managing editor.

"It's kind of an unfortunate circumstance from my point of
view," Phelps said, "but we don't have any anger or anything. For
us, it's an issue for them to deal with at their paper."