Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 15

Last Year's Rank: 50
Title Track: 46
Ownership: 46
Coaching: 3
Players: 27
Fan Relations: 51
Affordability: 44
Stadium Experience: 61
Bang for the Buck: 5

How about this for a Music City miracle: A 36-year-old journeyman takes over for a troubled franchise star then captains his team to the league's best record. Okay, sure, there was no ring in the end, but how many country songs end on a happy note? Still, it's hard not to feel like a winner when you're flirting with an undefeated season, although LP Field doesn't add much to the relationship. "It's sort of a no-frills stadium, much like the team. It's not a dump, but nothing really jumps out at you either," says Kellen Barton of Titansized.com, "except for the awful Logan's Landing located in the concourse behind each end zone. It's nice to know that the set designer from Blazing Saddles was available when they were building this thing." The lack of ATMs is also a little Wild West, and concession stands don't take plastic. So fill up your belt-buckle money clip so you'll have enough cash for that $7 brew, and bring a wagon to lug you over the pedestrian bridge to your cross-river parking space. But hey, if Jeff Fisher's wearing headphones on the sideline, then it's all good. "You wanna know why we like Jeff Fisher so much down here?" asks Nick Bishop from Titansized.com. "It's because he's the model for consistency and class, and sports the sweetest damn mustache this side of the Mason-Dixon line." Music to our ears.