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This story appears in the Dec. 14 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

14. Brett Favre retired (again), then unretired (again) to play for the Vikings, putting himself in position not only to be a two-time Super Bowl winner, but also to be this:

A. The only player to have beaten all 32 teams
B. The only player to have thrown an INT against all 32 teams
C. The only player to have retired from all 32 teams
D. All of the above

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A -- The only player to have beaten all 32 teams

15. Some guys never learn. Manny Ramírez was suspended for 50 games after flunking a drug test this spring. What PED showed up in his urine?

C. H2O
D. HR546

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B -- HCG, a female fertility drug that helps an athlete cycle off steroids

16. At 59, Tom Watson was set to be the oldest British Open champ until a final-hole bogey derailed his dream. How old was eventual winner Stewart Cink when Watson won his first major?

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Cink was two years old when Watson won the British Open in 1975.

17. T or F: Led by its all-time leading scorer, Clint Dempsey, the U.S. beat FIFA's No. 1-ranked team, Spain, to reach the finals of 2009's Confederations Cup.

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False. Yes, the U.S. beat Spain to reach the finals (where it lost to Brazil), but Landon Donovan leads the U.S. with 42 career goals. Dempsey has 17.

18. Ten months after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a nightclub, ex-Giants WR Plaxico Burress began a two-year prison sentence. What was the charge?

A. Weapons possession
B. Carrying an unlicensed gun
C. Destruction of evidence
D. Going out the night before a big game

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A -- Weapons possession

19. Swimmer Michael Phelps had one roller-coaster of a year. What did not happen to him in 2009?

A. He was suspended for marijuana use
B. He won five golds at the worlds
C. He set five world records
D. He was busted for tweeting during a race

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D -- He was busted for tweeting during a race

20. Legendary Iowa high school coach Ed Thomas was murdered, allegedly by a former player. What will be his legacy?

A. He was 2005's NFL High School Coach of the Year
B. He helped the town and school rebuild after a devastating 2008 tornado
C. He led Aplington-Parkersburg High football for 34 years
D. All of the above

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D -- All of the above

21. On April 9, Angels rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart died in an alleged DUI incident (the driver has been apprehended and charged with murder). T or F: Adenhart was scheduled to make his big league debut the following night.

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False. Adenhart had pitched hours before, and well, holding the A's scoreless over six innings.

22. Replays showed Thierry Henry redirected the ball with his hand before assisting on a goal that put France in the World Cup at the expense of Ireland. But that was by no means Henry's first time in the headlines. Which of the following is not part of his résumé?

A. He was once named one of the best footballers ever by Pelé
B. He has dated three former Spice Girls
C. He has blasted France's coach for holding uninspired practices
D. A divorce settlement with his first wife reportedly cost him somewhere between $12 million and $15 million

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B -- Henry has yet to date a Spice Girl

23. The Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl for the first in franchise history. This, from a team that rarely even makes the playoffs. Who was president the last time it did?

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Bill Clinton, in 1998

24. North Carolina captured a fifth NCAA championship and set the record for all-time Tourney wins along the way. Which number is larger: the team's Tourney win total or the years it has played hoops in Chapel Hill?

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It's close but the wins win. In the school's 99th year of ballin', UNC snagged victories 97 through 102.

25. In April, Louisville coach Rick Pitino announced he'd been the target of an extortion plot, for which Karen Cunagin Sypher was arrested and charged. Pitino subsequently admitted to an affair with Sypher, the wife of the Cardinals equipment manager, and to paying her after she became pregnant. When did the incident occur?

A. 2008
B. 2007
C. 2006
D. 2003

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D -- 2003

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