Body blurbs

A second Body Issue under her belt, Mag Senior Deputy Photo Editor Nancy Weisman dishes on the behind the scenes dirt from some of this year's photo shoots.

Philippa Raschker:
A tremendous woman. She was more comfortable nude than most are clothed. We chose a location in upstate NY where she could run and jump (a la log jump) into a swimming hole by a waterfall. The water was COLD and Phil jumped almost FIFTY times. Each time she landed you heard the "SMACK" of her bum and legs on the water. Then she'd climb out and do it over and over and over again until we got the shot. Between the takes and sitting in the waterfall for 30 minutes, she was shivering uncontrollably. We wrapped her in a robe and I sat with her making sure she was okay. "I'm fine. Stop worrying about me" she demanded in her deep voice. She was so determined to get the shot that she wasn't going to let a little hypothermia get in the way. I think she's my hero.