First and ten questions


1. Game 1 of the NBA Finals kicks off tonight between the Mavericks and the Heat, who wins and why?

2. You both have the Heat winning the series, if they don't win the series who should take the lions share of the blame?

3. ESPN College Football analyst Mark May had this to say about Jim Tressel's future in coaching, "He'll never coach again in college football because how can you take a coach of any program particularly an elite program that's lied to the administration that's lied to the NCAA that's lied to the fan base and the alumni and make him the center piece of your football program its not going to happen." Agree or disagree?


4. Sports Illustrated.com Andy Staples was on the Scott Van Pelt show on Monday. Do you agree or disagree that you have to cheat to win in College Football?


5. At 38 years young, Jason Kidd will be the oldest point guard to start an NBA Finals game. If Jason Kidd wins the NBA Championship this season, will he become a top five point guard all-time?

6. Lebron James' team has won 6 of its last 8 postseason series-clinching games. He's averaging just over 28 points per game in his 16 career series-clinching games. Has he officially turned the corner as a "clutch" player?

7. Which player is tougher to defend in the NBA Finals, Dirk Nowitzki or LeBron James?


8. Should Dirk's success in the NBA inspire white American basketball players?

9. Responding to speculation that he wants to jump to a bigger market such as Los Angeles or New York when he can became a free agent next year, All-NBA center Dwight Howard indicated Monday that his strong preference is to remain with the Orlando Magic for the long term. Do you believe him?

10. Dirk Nowitzki and JasonTerry the only holdovers from the Mavericks team that went to NBA Championship and Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem are the only holdovers from the Heat team that won the NBA Championship, who would win in a game of 2 on 2?