First and ten questions


1. Heat president Pat Riley spoke yesterday about the state of his team and defended LeBron James in the wake of losing the NBA Finals. Was Riley too easy on LeBron?

2. Riley also said he will not take over for Eric Spolestra and coach again. Is Riley making a mistake sticking with Spolestra?


3. According to Chad Ford, the Knicks and a handful of other teams are trying to target BYU's Jimmer Fredette. Can Fredette be a starter in the NBA?

4. Both Skip and Chris think Ricky Rubio is overrated. The Wolves rolled out the red carpet yesterday, as 200 people showed up at the airport to welcome him. Was it a mistake to make such a big deal of this?


5. The Spurs are reportedly engaged in discussions about trading point guard Tony Parker to secure a high pick in Thursday's draft. The Spurs have reportedly talked to teams in the lottery, including Toronto and Sacramento, who hold the fifth and seventh picks, respectively. Would you trade Parker?

6. Yesterday Skip said Derrick Williams was overrated as a top-two pick. Does Chris think Williams is overrated?


7. Eighty-year-old Jack McKeon got his first win since taking over as Marlins manager. How far will he take the Marlins this year?

8. Earlier in the show, Jason Terry spoke about LeBron James' lack of productivity in the fourth quarters of the NBA Finals. Are you buying what Terry is selling?

9. Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki is debating whether or not to play for the German national team this summer. How would you advise Dirk to spend his summer?