First and ten questions


1. The current NBA CBA is set to expire tonight at midnight. Representatives for the players and owners are expected to meet in Dallas today. Whose side are you on?

2. Halfway through the season, the Phillies have the best record in MLB at 51-30. Charlie Manuel suggested to ESPN.com's Jayson Stark that the Phillies have underachieved. Do you buy that?

3. The 10th pick in the NBA draft, Jimmer Fredette, was on the show yesterday and talked about "Jimmer Mania." Can Jimmer live up to the "Great White Hope" label?


4. Chris Bosh's four-day bachelor party in Las Vegas was dubbed "The Hangover 3" and included time at the shooting range and a Chris Angel Magic show. Bosh's Heat teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade did not attend the festivities. What do you make of this?

5. The Trail Blazers have offered former No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden an $8.8 million qualifying offer to stay in Portland. Was this smart or dumb?


6. The Carson Palmer-Bengals saga continues, as the closing on Palmer's house in Ohio became official last night. How will this end?

7. ESPN.com's NFL bloggers released their list of the top 10 NFL players on Tuesday. (TOP TEN LIST FS) What is your biggest problem with the ESPN.com list of Top 10 NFL players?

8. Justin Verlander goes for his 11th win today against the Mets. He has won six consecutive starts with a 0.72 ERA. Cliff Lee is 5-0 with a 0.21 ERA in June. Cliff Lee or Justin Verlander: who you got?

9. Is it time for the MLB to open its doors to Mark Cuban?

10. Dwight Howard recently tweeted about LeBron James, "Lol he took his talents to south beach and left his hairline in Cleveland. lol." Funny or out of line?