First and ten questions


1. Today is the one year anniversary of "The Decision." Was it a good or bad day for the NBA?

2. Do you think it was an easy or hard decision for LeBron to choose Miami?

3. Did LeBron owe Cleveland fans an apology or a thank you?


4. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert had some harsh criticism for LeBron after "The Decision." Whose side are you on: LeBron's or Gilbert's?

5. Did race play a role in LeBron's ridicule after he decided to play in Miami?


6. After joining forces with the Heat, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade joined LeBron in an introduction celebration for Miami fans. When asked about how many championships they would win, LeBron responded, "Not 5, not 6, not 7." How much did that hurt the team's image?

7. Dwight Howard will be a free agent after next season. If the Magic offered Dwight Howard for LeBron, should Pat Riley do it?

8. Do you think Dwyane Wade has any regrets about recruiting Lebron?


9. Did the Heat overachieve or underachieve this past season?

10. How many championships will the Heat win, if any?