No. 107: Cleveland Browns

Last year's rank: 91
Title track: 115
Ownership: 105
Coaching: 113
Players: 103
Fan relations: 107
Affordability: 86
Stadium experience: 100
Bang for the buck: 103

How's this for fan appreciation: The Lerner family bought the Browns in 1998 for $530 million and cashed out this offseason for more than $1 billion -- without a single playoff victory to show for it. And after a 1-9 finish to last season, the Dawg Pound is probably pining for the halcyon days of the Mangini era. Yes, the beer ($5) and tickets ($54.20) at Browns Stadium are the cheapest in the league, but the locals are hardly getting their money's worth. Some of the most loyal fans in all of sports have witnessed just three winning seasons since 1989. Last season was particularly brutal: Peyton Hillis sapping team chemistry with a bitter contract dispute; a botched snap that snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory over the Rams; and being forced to watch QB Colt McCoy suffer a brutal concussion from a James Harrison blow. (The Browns' handling of McCoy prompted the NFL to put independent certified trainers at all NFL games.) By season's end, a local car dealership was offering free Kias if the Browns shut out the Steelers. Cleveland gave up only 13 points, but with Seneca Wallace under center, it scored just nine. New owner Jimmy Haslam III says he wants a winner in Cleveland, but at this point fans would settle for solid snaps.