No. 58: Boston Bruins

Last year's rank: 72
Title track: 11
Ownership: 48
Coaching: 43
Players: 28
Fan relations: 42
Affordability: 109
Stadium experience: 85
Bang for the buck: 64

After the Bruins' "Miracle"-like 2011 Stanley Cup run, Boston suddenly was transformed into a hockey love parade. The franchise moved the needle out of the black in six categories, including ownership, something of a prickly subject for Boston fans. Coach Claude Julien established himself as a champion-caliber leader, and the presence of a bona fide young star like Tyler Seguin means the Bruins will stay in the conversation for years to come (coaching: up 41 spots; players: up 31). That said, TD Garden got a year older and a year moldier. The Bruins' active pursuit of fan feedback (how many hockey teams have a Pinterest page?) has certainly helped the franchise's popularity (fan relations: up 20), but that's counteracted by the fifth-most expensive fan costs in the states. Churchill once said, "When you are winning a war almost everything that happens can be claimed to be right and wise." Does that include $25 parking?