No. 95: San Diego Chargers

Last year's rank: 96
Title track: 90
Ownership: 99
Coaching: 114
Players: 81
Fan relations: 92
Affordability: 89
Stadium experience: 114
Bang for the buck: 67

It's 75 and sunny every day in San Diego, so why do so many Chargers fans have the temperament of an angry god throwing bolts of lightning. Norv Turner's rating places him dead last among his coaching brethren, but considering that the Chargers have missed the playoffs two seasons running, it's understandable that fans would be calling for a change. But is that anger justified? "There's a perception Turner is soft (and thus so are his teams) and lacks creativity, despite his offenses consistently being among the best in the league," writes Richard Wade of boltsfromtheblue.com. "People have been so beaten over the head with the false idea he has had the most talented roster in the league, they blame Turner for the team's failures when it's mostly been about poor depth behind injury-plagued stars." The Spanos family also takes a hit from Bolts faithful, in part because it has retained Turner and equally unpopular general manager A.J. Smith, but also because of the threat of the team leaving town. The owners are seen as spendthrifts, but in reality, Wade notes, "they usually spend almost all the way to the cap." Wade won't even attempt to counter fan dissatisfaction with Qualcomm, which he labels "a pit." It's been the same song and dance for eons and may eventually cost the city its team, but there's no sign of a compromise on the horizon. "People are tired of it, but San Diego has no real desire to build a new stadium," according to Wade.