No. 86: Dallas Cowboys

Last Year's Rank: 102
Title Track: 37
Ownership: 62
Coaching: 81
Players: 89
Fan Relations: 82
Affordability: 103
Stadium Experience: 17
Bang for the Buck: 104

It's not just the $10 program (148 percent above league average), the $75 parking ($29 more than any other sports franchise) or the $110 average ticket (sixth highest in the four major pro sports). It's that the Cowboys aren't consistently competitive, with only four playoff appearances in the past 12 years. You can get away with high ticket prices and outrageous parking costs if you're winning. Just ask the Patriots. They bludgeon their fans with the third-highest tickets in professional sports and $40 parking, but no one cares because they're a Super Bowl contender every year. For proof, look at bang for the buck, where the Patriots are 29th this year. The Cowboys? 104th. All of this is pretty inconsequential, because as much as fans like to complain about prices -- 112th in affordability in 2011, 103rd this year -- they still go to the games. Every year since the opening of Cowboys Stadium in 2009, the Boys have been No. 1 in attendance. Jerry Jones hears your complaints, Dallas fans; he just has no incentive to change.