No. 65: Jacksonville Jaguars

Last year's rank: 45
Title track: 75
Ownership: 75
Coaching: 90
Players: 75
Fan relations: 64
Affordability: 16
Stadium experience: 96
Bang for the buck: 84

Let's face it: The most exciting thing about the Jags is whether they'll win the Matt Barkley sweepstakes. A new owner (Shahid Khan), a rookie head coach (Mike Mularkey), a disgruntled star running back (Maurice Jones-Drew) and a decidedly uninspiring second-year quarterback (Blaine Gabbert) all make it pretty easy to forecast a 1-15 year. Look for more overhead shots of a half-empty stadium and tarp-covered seats in Jacksonville this season (the Jags ranked 25th in the NFL in attendance in 2011 -- and that was while winning five games). But perhaps by necessity, also look for cheaper tickets. The Jaguars were the 16th-most affordable franchise in the four major pro sports for the second-consecutive year. And at $805, their average season-ticket prices were the lowest in the league and 25 percent below the NFL average. You can't beat that. But their team? Yeah, they're probably gonna get beat a lot.