No. 113: New York Knicks

Last year's rank: 109
Title track: 97
Ownership: 98
Coaching: 83
Players: 105
Fan relations: 108
Affordability: 118
Stadium experience: 45
Bang for the buck: 112

You want us to talk about Linsanity? The renewed Garden buzz, the back-to-back Sports Illustrated covers, the hot-cakes jersey sales (second to Chicago's Derrick Rose), the tales of rising (and falling) MSG market capitalization? Well, our rankings reflect the flip side, the Linless New York Knicks: overpriced, underperforming, generally unappealing (see the 24-spot dip in the players category and 22-spot dive in fan relations). With the Nets heading to Brooklyn this season, there will be that much more pressure on the Knicks to meet expectations, though it's hard to say exactly what those expectations should be these days. When your team leads the league in average ticket price ($117.47, nearly $20 more than the No. 2 Lakers charge) and beer price ($9.50 for 22 ounces, twice as much as the league's cheapest brewski in Denver), folks tend to get restless sooner rather than later. Knicks fans are resigned to hoping that Carmelo Anthony can use his Olympic performance to reignite his career. Because with an aging Amare Stoudemire and a shaky Raymond Felton, at this point they're going to need Melo to do his share of team carrying, hero ball or not.