No. 105: New York Jets

Last year's Rank: 76
Title Track: 83
Ownership: 80
Coaching: 44
Players: 102
Fan Relations: 113
Affordability: 113
Stadium Experience: 88
Bang for the Buck: 100

Last season started off pretty standard: Rex Ryan guaranteeing a Super Bowl at the combine and Mark Sanchez posing in a hot tub for GQ. Typical. By the end of December, Santonio Holmes was on the bench, LaDainian Tomlinson labeled Sanchez "pampered," and even the fourth-string quarterback felt he needed to call the team out for being selfish. Needless to say, Ryan did not run off into the tunnel with his index finger extended. That didn't mean fans weren't forced to spend like the Jets were the Super Bowl champs: $5.75 for a hot dog, $8.75 for a 16-ounce beer and the priciest seats in the league ($120.85)rendered more ridiculous by the fact that the actual Super Bowl champions, which share the exact same seats, charged about $9 less on average. But ridiculous is the name of the game when your housemates have a two-time Super Bowl MVP to cheer on and you have a guy posing shirtless in a Jacuzzi. As for the $1.6 billion stadium, the humble masses of both occupants agree that it just isn't cutting it (unless you're sitting in Club). The upgrade amounts to more room for corporate signage, distant game action for the 300s and outrageous prices. (Public service announcement: you can bring in your own food.) Then again, this team's best action has been happening away from the field. The Jets traded for Tim Tebow, President Barack Obama warned fans they should be nervous about the quarterback controversy, and Ryan dropped 106 pounds. Eh, it's still the same old Jets.