No. 115: St. Louis Rams

Last year's Rank: 83
Title Track: 42
Ownership: 117
Coaching: 50
Players: 97
Fan Relations: 109
Affordability: 98
Stadium Experience: 116
Bang for the Buck: 120

Given 2011's two wins, it's fair to say the Rams have as many concerns on the field as off of it. However, based on our numbers, fans have already extended new coach Jeff Fisher a benefit of the doubt. The same can't be said for an ownership ranked last among NFL teams. "I think you can pin the abysmal ownership ranking on one factor only," explains Will Horton of ramsherd.com. "That Stan Kroenke hasn't guaranteed that the Rams will stay in St Louis beyond 2014." And assuming the team doesn't bolt, there's still work to be done. Somebody needs to find a way to give Edward Jones Dome a facelift without emptying the pockets of the citizenry. "It feels like a bland, cavernous convention center, because that's what it is for 255 days out of the year," says Horton. "But the taxpayer mood here isn't exactly thrilled about opening their pocketbooks for the half-billion dollars or more it would take to build a new facility." Nobody seems inclined to open pocketbooks for the Rams, period. Edward Jones Dome has been filled at 88.4 percent capacity the last five years -- 29th worst in the league. "The Lou" is as dedicated to its teams as cities get, but patience has clearly worn thin.