No. 100: Minnesota Vikings

Last year's rank: 106
Title track: 99
Ownership: 71
Coaching: 99
Players: 81
Fan relations: 101
Affordability: 80
Stadium experience: 118
Bang for the buck: 115

Vikings fans knew the post-Favre era would be tough, but they probably envisioned something better than an 0-4 start, a 1-7 finish and a 3-13 overall record in 2011. Add in the left knee injury for cornerstone Adrian Peterson and a mediocre showing for 2011 first-rounder Christian Ponder and about the only thing going for the Vikes last year was the state Senate's approval of a $975 million plan for a new stadium on the Metrodome site in Minneapolis -- finally replacing what fans considered the league's worst facility. (Minnesota taxpayers will pick up roughly half of the tab.) The deal might have given owner Zygi Wilf a boost in this year's rankings, but his team could be a real Ultimate Standings lame duck until it moves in 2016. In the meantime, the Vikes have played it smart, resisting the urge to raise ticket and concession prices; the team still sells the cheapest 16-ounce soda ($3) and hot dogs ($3 apiece) in the NFL. There will be plenty of time to jack up food prices in the House That Zygi Built.