Roy Halladay is pitcher-perfect

Just when it looked as if Kobe Bryant would finally seize the top spot in the power rankings, the unthinkable happened: another perfect game. Yes, that's right, something that hasn't been done in sports since 1880 happened this past weekend as the season's second perfect game was thrown. So thanks to Roy Halladay's perfect arm, Kobe will once again have to settle for second-best on our list. Yet if this were your list, would Kobe's spectacular performance in Game 6 (which left every Suns fan uttering "You've got to be kidding me" at least once) be awarded the No. 1 spot? And where would you place Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti (No. 3), Coca-Cola 600 champ Kurt Busch (No. 13) and UFC 114 winner Rashad Evans (No. 15)? Sound off below.

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All-Star ESPN panel: John Buccigross, Josh Elliott, Robert Flores, DJ Gallo, Jemele Hill, Dana Jacobson, Brian Kenny, Jeff MacGregor, Bram Weinstein and Trey Wingo.

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2010-11 Power Rankings: Week 6

Last five out: Max Scherzer, Albert Pujols, Ivan Basso, Jonathan Toews, David Ortiz

Newcomers: Dario Franchitti (No. 3), Ron Artest (No. 6), Nate Robinson (No. 11)

Notable dropouts: Diego Milito (No. 5), Jonathan Toews (No. 7), Amare Stoudemire (No. 9)