Members of the Bronx Bombers

Jimmy Abreu

Born: June 3, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-9, 145 lbs.

Positions: 1B, 3B, P, C

School: Monroe High School, ninth grade

Nickname: Jim

Favorite player: Mark Teixeira

Background: Dominican-American

Quote: "I want to be the best that I can be, to have a successful career and lead a healthy life."

George Duran

Born: June 5, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-5, 135 lbs.

Positions: CF, P, 2B, C, SS

School: All Hallows High School, ninth grade

Nickname: None

Favorite player: Jose Reyes

Background: Dominican-American

Quote: "One of my ambitions is to become a successful sports medicine doctor."

Christopher Jose Moreno

Born: May 16, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-7, 181 lbs.

Position: C

School: St. Raymond High School, ninth grade

Nickname: Chris

Favorite player: Joe Mauer

Background: Dominican-American

Quote: "I hope to have a family of my own, become a very good player and get inducted into the Hall of Fame."

Jason Manuel Pineda

Born: Nov. 22, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-11 175 lbs.

Positions: SS, P, 3B

School: Metropolitan Soundview High, ninth grade

Nickname: Pida

Favorite player: Robinson Cano

Background: Dominican-American

Quote: "I want to make my family proud because they have always been there supporting me."

Freddy Rojas

Born: June 12, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-9, 155 lbs.

Positions: LF, C, P

School: All Hallows High School

Nickname: Junior

Favorite player: Pedro Alvarez

Background: Dominican-American

Quote: "I am a determined, self-motivated, funny, respectable young man who wants to one day become a famous ballplayer."

Brian Adonis Sanders

Born: June 6, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-7, 135 lbs.

Positions: P, IF, OF

School: Middle School 498, eighth grade

Nickname: B-Sand

Favorite player: Mariano Rivera

Background: Honduran

Quote: "My favorite memory is meeting and having a baseball signed by the living legend, Mariano Rivera. He is why I wear the number 42."

Zachary Campanella Chutorian Semler

Born: May 14, 1999

Height/Weight: 5-foot-7, 150 lbs.

Position: 2B

School: Fieldston School, ninth grade

Nickname: Campy Z

Favorite player: Yasiel Puig

Background: American

Quote: "The Bombers are a family -- we have been playing with or against each other since we were little kids."

Xavier Vargas

Born: May 5, 1999

Height/Weight: 6-foot-1, 210 lbs.

Position: 1B

School: Xaverian High School, ninth grade

Nickname: Xavi

Favorite player: Albert Pujols

Background: Dominican-Puerto Rican-American

Quote: "I would like people to know that I am a hard-working person and that I never back down from a challenge."