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  • Verlander: "[Leyland] gave me a big hug. … It didn't need to be said with words." Adding: "Thank God, because his breath reeks of cigarettes."
  • Pacman Jones: "I am committed to turning my life around and being a positive member of the NFL." Continuing: "Starting in July. I have some stuff to take care of right now."
  • Stuart Appleby: "Ten-over [at the U.S. Open] will be in the top three, comfortably." Adding: "So the top three should be Duval, Wie and someone else."


  • Odds on how Ben Roethlisberger marked the one-year anniversary of his crash:
  • 5 to 1 relaxing and watching some videos e-mailed to him by the Steelers' offensive line coach
  • 4 to 1 racing his 170-horsepower, Suzuki Hayabusa, remote control, toy motorcycle
  • 3 to 1 partying with his kicker
  • 2 to 1 speeding through all dangerous intersections to spend less time in danger

Not In This Issue

  • John Daly admits cuts are due to him trying to eat crumbs off his face
  • New Dale Jr. flame-retardant Hendrick racing jumpsuits flying off the shelves
  • Justin Verlander acting pretty excited for walking four guys
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  • Quotes That Are Better In Their Full Context
  • 1 LeBron James, Cavaliers Forward

    "He fouled me. Right there." That's what LeBron James said to official Bob Delaney Tuesday night after Bruce Bowen made contact with him on a 3-point attempt in the waning seconds of Game 3. Cameras cut away before James added: "He also fouled me over here, here, here, here and here. Here, too. And over here. Right here? That's where he tasered me before the half. For real. A taser gun. Over here he shanked me. Look. There's still blood on the floor. And here he did that thing where you bend down behind someone and another guy pushes you over. I don't know how you missed that one. It was right before he hit me with a chair."

  • 2 Corey Hart, Brewers Outfielder

    "He had ridiculous stuff tonight. He threw his fastball really hard and his other two pitches. His stuff was awesome." That's Hart commenting to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on the no-hitter thrown against his team by Detroit's Justin Verlander. He then added: "Of course, I have a pretty good excuse for not getting a hit -- you know, what with it being a night game and me wearing my sunglasses. It's very tough to see the ball sometimes. But my teammates were completely overpowered."

  • 3 Willie Bloomquist, Mariners Infielder

    After the utility player knocked in the winning run in the 13th inning to give the Mariners their fifth straight win -- all in their final at-bat -- Bloomquist said: "The great thing about it is it's someone different every night." Adding: "And I mean someone different every night coming through in the clutch. Not in the A-Rod at a hotel on the road kind of way. I'm a happily married man."

  • 4 Tony La Russa, Cardinals Manager

    This year's All-Star Game is being held at San Francisco's Whatever-It's-Called-Now Park, and Barry Bonds has dropped to fourth in All-Star voting. Says National League manager Tony La Russa: "I'm not going to get into whether Barry Bonds is in. … You try to make the best choice you can for the last picks." La Russa continued: "To be honest, I plan to use those last picks on a bunch of relievers I can put into the game for one batter each. The fans will love watching me micromanage an All-Star Game. And then for the final pick I'm choosing a sommelier. Me likey the vino."

  • 5 University Of Oklahoma

    According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, Oklahoma has reported to the Big 12 Conference that it unintentionally violated NCAA rules last fall by providing its football players with "two nutritional supplements that contained impermissible substances." The school's report also reportedly stated: "Please understand that our players need a lot of energy to go to school and to practice and also to work long hours at local car dealerships to earn just a few tens of thousands of dollars."

  • 6 Warren Cromartie, Former Major Leaguer

    Cromartie, 53, who played for the Expos and Royals during his major league career, will step into a professional wrestling ring this weekend in Japan to take on Tiger Jeet Singh and An Joenosuke in a tag-team match. Says Cromartie: "I have to represent all baseball players." Adding: "That means my blood is coursing with every type of steroid known to man. You are so screwed, Tiger Jeet Singh and An Joenosuke. And even if you are able to briefly pin me, my bacne pus will get all over the ring and I'll be able to slide right out."

  • 7 Geoff Ogilvy, Reigning U.S. Open Champion

    "It's thick, and it's thick in the wrong spots." Ogilvy then continued: "And just to be clear, I am referring to the rough here at Oakmont, not the female population of Pittsburgh. I have actually found that there are many attractive women here. Their reputation is undeserved."

Wednesday June 13

  • 1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. announcement: 11 am, ESPN2

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. is going to announce what team he is on this morning. I assume he means racing team, unless this is going to be like that Mike Piazza press conference from a few years ago.

  • 2 Diamondbacks at Yankees: 7:05 pm, ESPN

    Well done, Yankees. A win tonight pushes you over the .500 mark. Now if only team management was willing to spend some money on players, you guys might be able to contend for the playoffs instead of being just slightly better than mediocre.

  • 3 Brewers at Tigers: 7:05 pm, MLB Extra Innings

    The struggling Brewers have lost five of seven, and due to an off day on Monday and getting no-hit last night, they'll have gone nearly 72 hours without a hit by the time tonight's game begins. During a bad stretch like this, every Brewers player feels like a (Rob) Deer in the headlights.