Dear Cubbies: Here's our best candidate

Fri, Nov 13

On Wednesday, we asked Page 2 readers to send in their best bogus appplication letters for the Vice President of Finance position with the Chicago Cubs.

Thanks to all who played along. Here's our favorite:

"I have five top qualifications for my future position as V.P. of Finance for the Chicago Cubs:

• I live at home with my parents at 28.

• Instead of moving out, I recently bought an overpriced muscle car that has been underperforming.

• Winning isn't everything to me -- it's how many women show up to watch and drink beer.

• I still agree that the Cubs were better off without Greg Maddux. He really wasn't worth a big contract.

• I hold a Little League record for walks and have a keen eye to spot similar talent.

See you soon at Wrigley,
-- Patrick O'Connell, Chicago