Catching up with Jenn Sterger

Tue, Nov 17

Jenn Sterger and a couple of friends decided to dress up in short shorts and cowboy hats to root on Florida State University's football team against the University of Miami on Sept. 5, 2005. The television cameras panned over the crowd and focused in on Sterger and her friends, affectionally dubbed the "FSU Cowgirls." ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger said on air, "I think 1,500 red-blooded American men just decided to go to FSU next semester."

Sterger parlayed that experience into a modeling career, television career, a Web site column and even a job working for the New York Jets. With her 26th birthday coming up in a few weeks and a feature in December's Cosmo magazine, Page 2 decided to catch up with the former FSU Cowgirl.

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