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Tue, Nov 17

Fantasy editor Nate Ravitz's note: Approximately 10,000 fantasy owners lost this week because of Maurice Jones-Drew taking a knee rather than scoring. Since every matchup has a winner and a loser, it's fair to say that 20,000 players were affected by the play one way or the other.

He gets it.

When Maurice Jones-Drew took a knee at the 1-yard line in the waning minutes of the Jaguars' game against the New York Jets on Sunday, he knew exactly what he was doing. He was doing as his coaches instructed, which is to be commended. He also knew he was sending his millions of fantasy owners into frenzied what-might-have-been wailing.

He addressed it after the game. "Sorry to my fantasy owners," Jones-Drew said. "They [the coaches] told me to get as close as I can and take a knee."

I love this. I'll leave the "great, selfless play or stupid play that they are lucky they didn't botch the field goal" debate to others and focus more on what MJD said after the game.

I love that he addressed his fantasy owners, a group in which he is included. When we interviewed Maurice for our podcast a few weeks ago, he told us how he owns himself in a few of the leagues he plays in.

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