Who can tell right from wrong in fantasyland?

Tue, Dec 1

At a bar Sunday night, I was with a group of friends and we were all meeting the new boyfriend of my friend Annie. The new boyfriend doesn't play fantasy sports but took a keen interest when it was explained to him what I do. And he asked a question I don't get asked very often.

Usually people want to know how I got into it, how many leagues I play in, what so-and-so at ESPN is like, what's it like working at ESPN, do I get free tickets, can I get them free tickets, do I win every league I am in, what's my favorite sport to play, how many people play fantasy and, most common, a specific question about their team: Whom to start, sit, trade, bench or pick up?

But this guy asked, very simply, "How many predictions do you get right?"

And I said something that will probably infuriate those of you who angrily post on the message board. Week after week.

There's no correct answer.

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