Mercury Morris, where are you?

Wed, Dec 2

Any minute now, we can expect former Miami Dolphins running back Mercury Morris to emerge and engage in one of his predictable buffoonish tirades because the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints are both still undefeated.

In case you're not familiar with this practice … every time an NFL team is in the vicinity of the 1972 Dolphins' historic undefeated record, members of that Dolphins team take a healthy gulp of Hater-ade, run to various media outlets and make it known for the 4,967th time that they don't want any other team to go undefeated. And in true hater-iffic fashion, the '72 Dolphins pop champagne as soon as that undefeated team is defeated.

Morris, though, is the worst of the bunch. He once busted out a freestyle rap on "SportsCenter" about how much he doesn't want another team to break the record, and sounded like a bitter old man with this tired neighborhood analogy. "Like I said, don't call me when you're in my town, call me when you're on my block and I see you next door moving your furniture in," Morris said during the Patriots' run at an undefeated season in 2007.

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