Jordan vs. Russell in rematch?

Tue, Dec 8

Jackie Moon of "Semi-Pro" would be proud.

Back in September, after Michael Jordan's mention of Bryon Russell in his Hall of Fame induction speech, Utah Flash (D-League) owner Brandt Anderson issued a challenge to the principals. Russell and MJ could play one-on-one at halftime of the Flash's Dec. 7 home opener, and Anderson would give $100,000 to the winner's charity of choice.

Sure, there was some eye-rolling at the time, but when Russell said he was in, the dubious became the curious. Was it possible this dispute would be settled once and for all? Well, that's what Flash fans were led to believe.

But despite Russell's willingness and Anderson's assertions that negotiations were ongoing with Jordan, it certainly didn't seem like a slam dunk. That is until "His Airness" conveniently popped up Monday on on Youtube at Mimi's Café in Provo, Utah, eating soup and surrounded by the Men in Black.

Those willing to accept that celebrity bodyguards still wear three-piece suits, sunglasses indoors and stand sentry in completely empty restaurants were disappointed when the man who emerged to face Russell at the Flash-Wizards halftime was a mere Jordan look-alike. (Russell was in on the hoax.) Unwilling to believe they'd been punked, it took a P.A. announcement to convince fans that MJ was not actually in the house.

After all, Anderson had alluded to the matchup right until the last minute, saying, "If for some reason [Jordan] comes but doesn't come to play … it could be the beginning of something."

That something is apparently a bunch of ticked off fans.