Thankfully, these sports movies weren't made

Wed, Dec 9

Page 2 recently featured a new book about the greatest sports movies ever made. While you're checking it out, be thankful none of these films made the list:

"Unhappy Gilmore": Keith Ballard is a hockey-player-turned-golfer who misses a short putt, swings his club in anger and accidentally bashes his caddie in the head.

"The White Shadow": Sammy Sosa stars as an inner-city baseball coach who gets a job at a wealthy suburban high school. He must find a way to connect with the all-white kids on his team. Wait until you see his solution!

"Any Given Thursday": Mike Tomlin and Ben Roethlisberger play defending Super Bowl champions traveling to Cleveland in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save their season.

"The Bad News Bears Get An Offense": Jeremy Bates, Charlie Weis, Lovie Smith and Jay Cutler star in this slapstick comedy about a bumbling football team trying to find its way into the end zone.

"Hoosiers 2": In this sequel, Jimmy Chitwood is drafted No. 1 overall by Portland, suffers a seemingly endless series of injuries, never plays a full season and moves back to dream of what might have been.