Gilbert Arenas: Just Nuke It

Thu, Dec 10

During an NBA preseason road trip, Washington Wizards center JaVale McGee Twittered that he and teammate Gilbert Arenas went to a Grand Rapids, Mich.-area Target so Arenas could purchase a microwave and a mini-fridge ... for a single day's use. Turns out that's only half the story. Following team practice yesterday, Arenas revealed the rest to a small group of reporters, including yours truly:

Arenas: You know how you order room service, and you get in the shower, or you'll be on the phone, and you get back and the food is cold?

Reporters: Yeah?

Arenas: Microwave!

Reporters: So you take it on the road?

Arenas: I send it with our [team] luggage ... it's only like 10 pounds.

Reporters: What about the fridge?

Arenas: We're not in cities long enough for a fridge.

Reporters: Aren't you staying in five-star hotels? Won't they make the food extra hot, or bring a microwave to your room?

Arenas: Most places don't have microwaves. You got to go to the kitchen and reheat it. By the time you get back up it's cold again ... some hotels, they have a late-night menu but they don't have hot food. Just cold sandwiches. I don't eat cold food.

Reporters: Why not?

Arenas: It tastes nasty. It's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. Everything I eat has to go in a microwave. Like, if you cook me dinner, I will take the dinner and put it in a microwave. Something about being in a microwave makes it good.

Reporters: It comforts you.

Arenas: It irritates the [expletive] out of people, though.